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"We empower people who identify as women and girls to push the limits."

The online blog Funky Feminist has been growing rapidly- and for good reason. Their blog is dedicated to empowering women and covering intersectional issues worldwide. The causes & values at FF align very close to those that we advocate for here at PneuMag as well. So, when the site's founder & editor-in-chief Landon Funk accepted my proposal for a collaboration, we jumped at the opportunity.

I asked her a few questions about her feminist values, the future of the blog, and it's formation, which you can find below. If you care to support fierce women with a passion for inspiring others, keep reading! I'm sure you'l fall in love with her site just as much as I have!

What inspired the creation of Funky Feminist?

I wrote an article for babe.net about being sexually assaulted twice in college. It went viral, and I started receiving hundreds of messages from people who identify as women, men, girls, boys, etc. who told me that they had similar stories to mine. I realized that I was a part of something much bigger than myself. Off of that momentum, I created Funky Feminist one Saturday afternoon. I dove headfirst into it.

How has the blog evolved since you began?We have changed our layout and gone from 10 writers to about 40 writers. We have about 60k readers and 17k on Instagram. We have added subsections and author bios, and really everything about us has evolved except for our content. Anyone and everyone can write for us as long as they have something to say with a passion and do not shame other people. We believe in inclusive intersectional feminism and do our best to promote it.

What are the key values and how do you maintain them in the content you choose to publish?

We empower people who identify as women and girls to push the limits, fight for what they believe in, and be unapologetically themselves. Everything we publish provocative content that inspires our readers to think outside the box. Our writers receive guidelines before they write for us. They are very general but give our writers a sense of what we like to see. Again, anything that does not shame anyone else. You can have a crazy opinion without shaming someone else.

What do you foresee for the future of the blog? What legacy do you want to leave?

We are going to be the next Bustle/Elite Daily/Refinery 29/Bitch/babe. By the end of 2018, I see us having an office space and a few full-time employees. I want people to see that we are inclusive and non-shaming, the way I believe the world should be. In incorporating a variety of views in a non-shaming way, Funky Feminist is opening a much-needed dialogue between people from all over the world.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Funky Feminist, your future, past, or upcoming content?

We are international – our biggest readership is located in Capetown, Berlin, Melbourne, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York. We also create articles for millennials and Gen Z but our readership ranges from 12-65 years old. 80% are women and 20% are men.

Keep your eye out for the new content that Funky Feminist produces in the future. In the fight for equality and empowerment, we need more resources like them to uplift one another.

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